Why FocusRO?


Cheaper than a Manager's Time

Monitoring time spend by managers are often expensive and exhaustive for managers to go through 1000s of screen shots a week FocusRO ML algorithm saves time spent by managers

Non Invasive Monitoring

Employees don't have to feel creepy of someone in management watching is their screen all the time. Our ML algorithm detects and convey n minutes spent on y platform. It shares the screenshot with a human in rare occation and completely blurred to mask main body area and shows only title bar, task bar only.

Company’s IP Protected

FocusRO takes screenshot only during distracted time, So it avoids taking screenshots during productive times where as a company’s intellectual property info might be on screen.

Store at Your Choice

FocusRO gives flexibility of storing anamoly (blurred) screenshots in their own FTP, S3 Buckets of their choice.

Learn Locally & Share Globally

FocusRO algorithm learns locally in each employee’s computers and shares the learning data across the network to sharpen its accuracy

Work Hours Screen Time Logging

Our apps simply read start time and end time of each screen unlock lock events only. It DOES NOT takes any screenshots on mobile. It DOES NOT run beyond work hours weekends & Holidays. Can customize mobile distraction allowance minutes per employee.

Designation Wise Detection

For someone a social media platform is distraction, For someone thats where they whole day job is.. You can configure designations and our algorithm will know.

Data security is our 1st priority

Data security is our 1st priority
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