About FocusRO

About us

FocusRO is a machine learning based business automation B2B startup, that helps businesses to measure and analyze productivity. To begin with we started classifying employee screenshots , working times and their activity in our ML training models with many more to follow. FocusRO Dashboard is equipped with insightful deep data presentations such as Focus Stack & more.

Employee Privacy
  • FocusRO encourages non-invasive monitoring by valuing employee's privacy.
  • Data sets previewed in the organization dashboard won't have any private information of an employee.
  • Screenshots are blurred & not even the FocusRO team could see the contents.
Enterprise Standards
  • FocusRO ML Server instance could be deployed in any public or private datacenters of your choice.
  • Your data never leaves your organization's private network.
  • Enterprise FocusRO edition would work entirely within your org's VPN.
Data Security
  • FocusRO client app uses ECC algorithm to encrypt screenshots from work devices and transmitted to the ML server via HTTPS protocol.
  • Machine Learning algorithm perform classifications/detections on these screenshots. Screenshots are never stored in ML server and anywhere.
  • FocusRO client app builds are Comodo code signing EV compiled every time.
  • Each organization's ML instances are independent and hence more secure.
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We welcome interested channel partners who have a strong business network to resell FocusRO licenses to companies in your country.
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