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1. Employees Accept a Managers Invitation

Once you decide on a Pro plan, a company manager will invite employees to their company team, which can be customized based around departments. Upon accepting the invitation, employees immediately start tracking their time and submitting screenshots to that company team.

2. Install our Application on their Desktop

Next, employees simply install the FocusRO application on their desktop. Now, when they start a project, they just Log In, select the project, and press ‘Start’ to begin tracking their time usage and screenshots for each respective project. It should be noted that the application continues to monitor workplace distractions even if the device is offline. This data is collected, analyzed, and automatically uploaded to the central database.

3. Project Tracking and ScreenShots

Our application tracks employee’s time and takes screenshots periodically until the ‘Stop’ button is pushed. The Autostart function starts anytime employees begin using their computers and is useful for employees that collaborate or work on multiple projects simultaneously. Autostart automatically turns off if no activity is being registered, and there is no way to run this program in the background ensuring a comfortable, transparent workplace for all employees.

4. Online Dashboards for Real-Time Review

Managers can view this data online so that they can monitor employees in real-time. All private information that mangers view is blurred for employees' privacy and to foster a natural working environment. Managers can also tag screenshots to train the ML algorithm so that the system continually evolves. The dashboard shows the date and hours worked for each employee, who is currently active, and the latest screenshots.

Ml insights

5. Detailed Timelines

Managers can view timelines for individual employees to get detailed information about productivity. User activity levels in real-time in the dashboard. Additionally, our ML algorithm tag’s each screenshot with a productivity score customized across teams. By designating #socialmedia, #chat, #email, etc., managers can customize the algorithm to analyze and empower employee productivity accurately.


6. Real-Time Reporting

Get laser-focused reports at any time to ensure efficient teams operating at their highest levels of productivity. You can select specific employee data, team data, date ranges, and download all of this into one spreadsheet for more in-depth analysis or if you need this data to generate invoices. Employees have access to the same data and can download it for their invoicing needs as well.

Data security is our 1st priority

Data security is our 1st priority

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